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Infopack Planet Heroes 3.0 2022

“Planet Heroes” is an educational campaign for kids and youngsters.

We develop educational materials and organise activities at schools, kindergartens, during
festivals, because we want to teach the new generations that the life of the Earth and also life on
the Earth is in their hands, so they must respect nature, animals, people and related tothis is not
just living eco-friendly, but also ethically and without discrimination.

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Financial Support

Volunteers will receive 17.00 bgn daily for food and personal expenses.


You will have a mandatory CIGNA insurance for the whole period of time. However, you must also have a valid European Health Card.


Money for transport will be reimbursed to the participants up to the maximum allowed for the respective country according to the distance band. All tickets/ boarding passes/ receipts/ proofs of payment must be kept in original. If your documents are electronic, take screenshots.


You will be accommodated in a flat, which is a walkable distance from the office (10 min), city centre (20 min), stadium, hospital and a non-stop pharmacy. It consists of two bedrooms with 4 single beds in total and a separate kitchen. Al; necessary facilities will be provided for normal living conditions. Rent, Internet, water and electricity will be paid by the organization.

Skills to develop

- Jump into the magic of non-formal education; - Learn Bulgarian; - Develop digital skills: work with Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere - Learn how to make and edit movies; - Organise events; - Write texts about a small media project; - Develop your EI (emotional intelligence); - Learn about other cultures; - Learn more about European Programmes and opportunities; - Participate in practical trainings on soap making, ceramics


-Make interviews, reportages, videos, related to our events or topics of interest for the community; - Do researches and write materials for our monthly bulletin; - Organise social and educational cinema nights; - Organise indoor and outdoor public events; - Organise contests; - Help a dog shelter and take care of street animals; - Help a community garden; - Take care and develop our social media reach; - Developeducational materialsand modules, related to zero footprint, biological diversity, ethics, etc. - Organise activities at kindergartens, schools, social centres and during festivals; - Participate in the organisation of a few festivals, in which Future World is a partner: Outdoor Fun family festival, River Festival, Together at the Square social festival. - Take care of The Closet; - Participate in cleaning initiatives and in spring 2022 prepare 4 eco paths in the area; - Be creative and try to develop your own vision and ideas with our support.

Хефе Фабио дизайн

Graphic Designer, Video Editor

Марго Симеонова основател

успешно приключен на 31 Януари 2022

стартирал на 1 Януари 2022



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